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by mafraq


1964: CATHODE RAY TUBE (CRT) Display was a built-in Uniscope 300 Machine, which was the precursor for CRT Monitor Technology.
1965: E.A. Johnson Invented Touch Screen Technology.
1973: The 1st Computer monitor, XEROX ALTO used CRT Technology and had a Monochrome Display (Black and White).
1975: George Samuel Hurst developed the 1st Resistive Touch-Screen which was not used until 1982.
1976: The APPLE I and SOL-20 computers were the 1st to have a built-in Video-Output Port allowing for a computer monitor or video screens
1977: James P. Mitchell developed LED Displays but were not readily available until 30 years later.
The Apple II was released, allowing for Color Display on a CRT Monitor.
1987: The IBM 8513, the 1st VGA Monitor was released by IBM.
1989: VESA defined SVGA as the standard for Computer Displays.
The late 1980s: Color CRT Monitors were capable of a 1024x768 Display Resolution.
The mid-1990s: EIZO L66 was the 1st LCD monitor manufactured by Eizo Nanao Technologies.
1997: Color LCD Monitors were developed by Apple, IBM, and Viewsonic which had better quality and resolution compared to CRT Monitors.
1998: The APPLE STUDIO DISPLAY was the earliest affordable Color LCD Monitors by Apple.
2003: LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY (LCD) Monitors replaced CRT Monitors and become prominent and widely used.
2006: Jeff Han developed and released the 1st Interface Free, a Touch-Based Monitor.
2009: The MultiSync EA222WMe, 1st LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE (LED) Monitor to be released by NEC.
2010: The official phasing out of VGA support by AMD and Intel.
2017: Touch-Screen LCD Monitors become widely accessible and way very cheaper.



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