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Computer Peripherals
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Computer Peripherals

Buy Computer Peripherals Online

A peripheral device is an internal or external device that connects directly to a computer but does not contribute to the computer's primary function, such as computing. It helps end-users access and uses the functionalities of a computer. Peripheral devices can be external or internal. For example, a printer is an external device that you connect using a cable, while an optical disc drive is typically located inside the computer case. Internal peripheral devices are also referred to as integrated peripherals. Peripheral devices include the following mouse, keyboard, printer, webcam, printer, scanner, external drives, graphics cards, and CD-ROM all are available online on Mafraq Computers at guaranteed best prices.

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Become more productive at work with the best computer accessories from top brands such as HP, Logitech, Targus, and more. These peripherals are compatible with either the Windows operating system or the Apple Mac. Mafraq Computers gives you the opportunity to order online for such items and have them delivered to your home at your convenience. While you are at it, you can also get new devices for your office such as servers, desktop computers, laptops, and more. Follow the trend of shopping online on Mafraq Computers and you will never go wrong.

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