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Laptops for Sale price in Nairobi Kenya. Brand New, Refurbished & Ex UK Price. Best Deals

Looking for Laptops on sale at the Best Prices? Mafraq Computers Shop is the place to be.

At Mafraq Computers shop, we've got you covered on a wide range of laptops from top brands such as Apple MacBook, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, and more, at the best prices. Some laptops suit your specific needs, with different sizes, operating systems, processors, RAM, and internal storage to help you achieve your specific task.

Laptops are personal computers that are portable enough to be easily moved around and they can be used in a variety of locations. All or most laptops are designed to have the same functionality as desktop computers, which means they can generally run the same software and open the same types of files. Laptops have an all-in-one design, with a built-in monitor, keyboard, touchpad which replaces the mouse and speakers. They are fully functional even in isolation without connections to peripherals. Laptops are quicker to set up, and there are fewer cables to get in the way.

Laptops are desktop computers that have been transformed into a portable form for you to take them wherever you go for personal and business use as it has similar components when compared to a desktop device. They usually have inbuilt processors, graphics cards, batteries, storage memory, operating systems, and other necessary software to work with. They are normally smaller than the Desktop Computers which makes them portable and easier to carry about but there are a lot of factors to consider when planning to purchase a laptop computer.

Laptops for sale Buying guide

Therefore, you can take advantage of our buying guide to make better choices. As we give a quick review of laptops, it is important to know that they usually come with two major processors, AMD or Intel in a core system with faster performance. It also comes with hard drives and modern notebooks come in at least 0.5 TB to 2 TB of internal storage with 4 GB – 16 GB RAM which makes it work very fast for you. It often comes with 2 or 3 USB ports for data transfer, as well as connecting other devices such as mobile phones, keyboards, mice, and so on via the USB port. With modern technology, you can now connect laptops through HDMI to the projector at the office for official or business presentations and also to  TV at home to watch movies for entertainment. Find the best laptops from the best brands on Mafraq Computers Shop at the guaranteed lowest price in Kenya. 

Buy Laptops for sale at the Best Prices in Nairobi Kenya on Mafraq Computers shop

With laptops, you also have the option to connect a regular mouse, larger monitor, and other peripherals. This turns laptops into desktop computers, with one main difference: You can easily disconnect the peripherals and take the laptop with you wherever you go. All laptops for sale come with a battery, which powers laptops when it's not plugged in. To recharge your battery, you need to always plug in your laptops. Another benefit of having an extra battery is that it can provide backup power to the laptops if the power goes out. All laptops for sale come with a specialized power cable called an AC adapter designed to be used with that specific type of laptop. Most laptops for sale have similar types of ports found on desktop computers such as USB, HDMI port, etc Nevertheless, laptops usually have fewer ports to save space. However, some ports may be different, from those obtainable on desktop computers and you may need an adapter to use them effectively. Buy laptops for sale on Mafraq Computer Shop and enjoy the best deals from top brands across the globe.

How to know and buy best laptops for sale online | Laptops Buying Guide

Even though we have the best types of laptops for sale from top brands across the globe on this platform for you, buying the laptops that suit you depends largely on your individual needs. Therefore, to spend your money on the best laptops and brands and get value for value, it is important to consider some factors before making a purchase decision. If you follow the laptops buying guide below, you are assured of obtaining the best laptops that meet your needs:

Consider the best laptops for sale operating system

All or most laptops for sale come with one of different Operating Systems - Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and macOS (for MacBooks only). Each of these OS is superb but picking the right one is based on individual needs or preferences.  Windows OS is the most flexible and runs on more laptops than Chrome OS or macOS. Windows 11 is the latest Windows OS and Windows 11 laptops should be highly prioritized by researchers, business professionals, and students. Gamers should consider Gaming Laptops as they run mostly on Windows 10 OS. Laptops like Google Pixelbook, Lenovo Ideapad, HP Flagship Chromebook, Lenovo 100E Intel Celeron N4000, and others run on the Chrome OS. This OS is secure but more limited than the other two OS. Currently, some of the new Chromebooks, including the Google PixelBook are designed to run Android Apps. Chromebooks are best for surfing, highly portable, and offer good battery life at low prices.

All MacBooks run on the macOS which offers similar functionality to Windows 10, but with a slightly different interface.

Consider the best laptops for sale brands

The brand is also very important as laptops are as good as the brand that backs them. You don’t need to worry about brands when you buy laptops for sale on Mafraq Computer Shop as we offer the best.

Top brands to consider are:

HP Laptops, Asus Laptops, Dell Laptops, Lenovo Laptops, Apple MacBook, Acer Laptops.

Consider the Laptops for sale Battery Life before you buy

To focus on your tasks even during power outages and avoid the negative impact on your productivity, you need long battery life. You may not need to always carry your charger or have a charging point nearby. One brand notable for its fast-charge technology making it possible to recharge 50% of the battery in about 45 minutes is HP

Consider laptop for sale  Processor

The major laptops for sale processors are Intel and AMD:

Intel Xeon

These are extremely powerful and high-end processors suitable for large mobile workstations. Best for those who do 3D modeling/video editing, or professional-grade engineering.

Intel Core Processor

For great performance, this processor should be considered even though the prices are considerably higher

Intel Celeron

Intel Celeron, similar to Pentium, are chips that offer the lowest performance but could be considerably better if you mainly use it for web surfing and light document editing.

Pentium Processor

Intel Pentium is similar to Intel Celeron in performance.

AMD Processor

AMD processors are a new set of chips designed to compete with the intel core processor - core i3, i5, and i7. 

Other Factors To Consider when looking for laptops for sale

There are several other things, like the RAM size, display, hard drive, the graphics chip, and even your budget, that should be considered when buying laptops for sale but the above four are very important. 

Best Laptop for sale Batteries Online and Their Prices 

For the Best Laptops for sale batteries in Kenya, buy on mafraqenterprises.com. The prices depend on the brand even though all brands you get on mafraqenterprises.com are of high quality. 

Laptops for sale Charger & Adapter in Kenya | Best Power Pack Price

Buy the latest laptop chargers and adapters. There are hundreds of amazing deals for you each day to help you save money while you shop. 

You can check the following brands: 

Acer Laptop Batteries and Power Packs

Toshiba Laptop Batteries and Power Packs

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