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Need a Printer, Copier or Scanner in your office or house? Or maybe your business is in need of a Multifunction Printer or some other accessories? Regardless of your peripheral need, we have printers, copiers, scanners and accessories from all the name brands. HP, Samsung, and Canon to name a few. We have it all here: Printers, copiers, Scanners, Inks, Toner and Cartridges. The brilliant HP LaserJet M9040 Multifunction Printer is the perfect addition to any workplace, with its ability to scan, print, copy and faxing capabilities, this printer is designed to streamline workflow. If you are looking for something for your home, then we have many options, like the HP Officejet Pro 8600, the perfect printer for any home. If your printer has run out of ink or toner, then we have affordable, high quality ink available, as well as other accessories. You can even save money by ordering one of our multipacks that come with your choice of black or coloured ink! Get the best printers and scanners online on Konga at the best price in Kenya.

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As printers make you read soft copy documents on paper as hard copy for human purpose, it therefore important to have this hardware available at home or the office to read documents off screen and as back up. Apart from the normal papers for printing, it can also be used by photographers for printing pictures, there are also industrial printers that are used by press companies to produce newspapers and other press documents. Scanners are also important to have as they work in the reverse way of a printer such that is transforms hard copy to soft copy. With modern technology, it is possible to have the both in one device, making more economical and saving space either at the office or at home. Other components that make a printer complete are available on Mafraq Computer Shop as well, so make an order now and pay on delivery with no hassle.

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