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Laptop & Desktop Accessories

Laptop & Desktop Accessories

Buy Portable Computers & Desktop Accessories on Mafraq Computers  At Affordable Prices

For your computer to perform optimally, you need the right accessories. Each portable laptop or desktop needs one or more accessories and peripherals to function effectively. Despite the fact that portable computers and desktops today come with valuable accessories you need, it might still be necessary to get additional accessories. To find all that you need in one place, browse the collection of computer peripherals available on Mafraq Computers. These accessories are very useful for any PC - desktop computers and laptops. Products like power packs and laptop chargers are necessary to charge up your system if they must be up and running. In case you lost your charger or you have a faulty charger, we have a replacement here for you on Mafraq Computers. Browse through and buy a brand new one at considerably the lowest prices with optimum functionalities.

You can get your brand new Keyboards, Mouse, Power Pack & More at the Lowest Prices in Nairobi Kenya.

Our variety of laptop and desktop accessories will serve different purposes depending on your needs: For example, a wireless keyboard and mouse will give you access to your system from a considerable distance where you won’t be limited by space, however, some prefer the conventional wired keyboard and mouse. Whatever your choice is, we have available accessories to meet your everyday computing needs.

Shop DVD burner from top brands like HP, LG, Apple, Transcend

Buying a DVD burner from top brands like HP, LG, Apple, Transcend, and others will help you to read and browse the contents of CDs and DVDs. Have you ever experienced working on a laptop with a bad battery? It can however be irritating especially when you are in the middle of an important task. You have the best opportunity to choose from our wide range of laptop batteries available for different brands of laptops – HP, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, and others. Bring your dead laptop back to life with a top-quality and brand new battery on Mafraq Computers.

USB drives, External hard drives, HDMI extenders

You can also shop from our array of USB drives, External hard drives, HDMI extenders, and many more. Whatever your choice of accessory for your laptop or desktop is, you can always browse the Mafraq Computers website to choose and order online for your desired accessories to be delivered to your doorstep.

Have a Look at some of the Available Accessories

To help you make a wise decision on your choice of accessories, we need to highlight the qualities and functionalities of some of these accessories  as follows:

1. Wireless Mouse | USB or Wired Mouse |  Mouse Pad

To work faster and more comfortably, you need a mouse- whether wired or wireless- with your laptop or desktop. For optimum functionality of your mouse, you need a quality mouse pad which is also available at affordable prices.

We have high-quality mouse and pads from top brands available for you on Mafraq Computers.

2. Laptop Stand With Cooling Pad | Foldable Laptop Stand

To enhance the functionality of your laptop, it is ideal to always use it with a laptop stand and cooling pad. In addition to the functionality of your device, using a laptop stand has a number of advantages which could be right viewing height, reduced strain in your neck, shoulders, or upper back, and increased comfortability resulting in higher productivity. On the other hand, a laptop cooling pad could potentially extend the lifespan of your laptop as they last longer if not constantly run at overly high temperatures

Any variety of laptops and cooling pads are available on Mafraq Computers for you.

3. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse | USB or Wired Keyboard | Gaming Keyboard with Mouse

Whether your device is for gaming, office use, or personal use, having an external keyboard - wireless, wired, or gaming- makes it complete especially when it is a desktop computer. We have various types of keyboards that meet the needs of each user. Our keyboards are from top brands and are easy and comfortable to operate, USB plug and play, no driver needed, waterproof, dustproof, and durable. It is important to also state that these keyboards are compatible with Windows and MAC Operating Systems. Browse through our website for more information on each type of keyboard.

4. Adjustable Laptop Table | Foldable Bedroom Study Laptop Table | Desktop Mount

To enhance your output while using your laptop or computer, we have adjustable laptop tables, a foldable bedroom laptop stand, and a desktop mount available for you on Mafraq Computers.

The adjustable table is the perfect portable table for you. It adjusts to six different heights and 3 angles with a built-in, adjustable cup holder. You do not need to worry about limited space and/or mobility anymore as you can use it for eating, reading, and lots more.

The foldable bedroom laptop table comes in various colors which could be green, brown, blue, pink, or other colors. It could be used as a camping table, bedside table, dining table, or computer desk and it brings you great convenience wherever you choose to use it.

The Desktop Mount is a dual desk mount that fits most 13 to 27- inch LCD LED screens up to 6.5kg with VESA 75 x 75 – 100 x 100. It accommodates two monitors at once for maximum comfort and productivity.

5. Universal USB Ports Hub | USB Light

The Universal USB Hub is a plug-and-play device that you plug into your computer. It allows you to connect more devices to your PC than your existing USB ports allow. There are several types of Mafraq Computers which could be 8 Ports, 4 Ports, 3 Ports, or 2 Ports. We provide you with several alternatives.

The USB LED Reading & Keyboard Light For Computer comes in various colors. It’s small and portable with very bright white light with low power consumption. You can use it with laptops, computers, some tablets, and even charged power banks. Easily adjustable by bending to change the direction of light.

6. Cables, Converters, and Adapters

We have a number of cables and converters which could be HDMI Cables, display VGA to VGA cable, Displayport to Hdmi Video Adapter, Display Port Male To Dvi Male Cable Converter, USB To Hdmi Video Converter Adapter Cable, 3-Port USB 3.1 Type-C To HDMI, Original HDMI Female To Female Coupler, among others.

7. Laptop Chargers, Power Cables, and Batteries

You can also find any of these products here. This could be from top brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell, Apple, and others.

8. PCs Flexible USB Mini Microphones | Noise Cancellation Headset | PC Headsets

Enjoy high-quality sound with our range of headsets and microphones:

Logitech USB Headset With Clear Chat

Microsoft Lifechat Headset

Logitech Noise Cancellation Headset

Flexible Mini USB Microphone for PCs

9. Other Computer Accessories

Apart from the above accessories, there are a number of other accessories here. Therefore, we implore you to browse through the website for more.

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