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Vga to rca cable​​

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Vga to rca cable

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Vga to rca cable

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This cable and others like it are more than capable of taking a Component connection and turning it into a VGA one. Both are somewhat similar analogue standards, but the main difference is that VGA requires separate signals for both horizontal and vertical sync whereas Component carries both of those and the monochrome information on the green RCA jack, plus it generally uses YPrPb colour space whereas VGA uses RGB colour space.

1.5m VGA to 3 RCA Component Cable for PC Laptop HD TV

Cable enables you to connect a VGA / SVGA connection to a 3 RCA component connection.

Can work in either direction: VGA to RCA and RCA to VGA.

Compatible with laptops and desktops containing VGA cards that have a TV-Out function capability.

The VGA connector can display PC images to high-definition Analog Video equipment likea HDTV, Component RGB Video, LCD Projectors, Satellite TV and Y/Pb/Pr Video

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