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Basically, In 1725 Punch Cards were the 1st effort at data storage. The punched holes acted as on/off switches and represented a "sequence of instructions". This was made possible by Basile Bouchon. Analytical Engine used it for instructions and response, used for standardized tests, and now as voting ballots.

In the 1960s, Magnetic Storage replaced punch cards and was used for data storage. Data Storage is an umbrella phrase that includes memory, it is long-term (ROM) while memory is short-term (RAM).

  • Vacuum Tubes for RAM-In 1948, Prof. Fredrick Williams and colleagues developed an array of cathode-ray tubes.

  • Magnetic Core, Twistor & Bubble Memory-In 1940s, 1957and1980s was created and used for data storage by Andrew Bobeck

  • Semi-Conductor Memory-In 1966, the chip was used for data storage and electricity control.

  • Magnetic Disk Storage- In 1932, Gustav Taushek made the first incarnation of the magnetic disk by developing a magnetic drum for storage. IBM facilitated its usage and went forward to develop a Floppy Disk Drive and Hard-Disk Drive.

  • Optical Disks- In the 1960s, James T. Russel developed an optical disk in 1975 which led to the creation of CDs & DVDs and Blu-Ray for data storage.

  • Magneto-Optical Discs- In 1990, a hybrid of magnetic & Optical tech. for storage and digital data.

  • Flash Drives- In 2000, they appeared in the market-portable data storage and led to SSD Storage.

  • Solid State Drives- Variations of SSD have been in place since the 1950s, including non-volatile data storage and faster performance and reliability.

  • Data Silos- Storage systems for sensitive data information saved for later translation. Used as a source of information for Big Data.

  • Data Lakes- Used to store and process big data as a result of pulling data information into a single data lake.

  •  Cloud-Data Storage- The Internet made the Cloud available as a service that facilitates data storage for encryption, security, and authorization. The very recent form of data storage is being used widely.



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